Singing Classes at Cascadia 2016

If you have questions about these classes or how to place yourself, email Randal Bays.

Song Teachers at Cascadia 2016

We are "singer-rich" this year! We have several excellent singers on our teaching staff, and whether you're just starting to learn about Irish song, or you're an accomplished singer wanting to expand your repertoire and technique, this is a great opportunity. Bridget Fitzgerald is from Connemara, the rural west of Ireland, with a wonderful repertoire of songs in English and Irish. Brendan Boyle is a Dublin man whose family has roots in Donegal, and his songs reflect that background. We happen to have at least two other fine singers this year, Brian Miller and his wife Norah Rendell, both of whom will make appearances in Brendan's Session III class to share songs and insights.

Bridget Fitzgerald will teach two 75-minute classes Monday through Friday.
Session I
Session II

Brendan Boyle
Session III